The serenity of the nature so quiet

Muranas Jassehr, in an Egyptian type, is the ‘ap- ple of the eye’ of Michaela Weidner from Murana Arabians in Germany. This Koheylan Adjuz grey stallion was born at Murana Stud in 2007. He is sired by the stallion Major...

It was while sipping a delectable glass of wine at Oeno- tri, an Italian restaurant in the picturesque Napa Valley of California, that long-time breeder and lover of the Arabian horse, Philip Del Pozzo, realised what he was going to name his superstar colt at home.

Dominic M


Dominic M. is an only 6 years old stallion, owned by Dominic M Partnership, sired by the Versace son Da Vinci FM and out of Rosa La Valentina, a daughter of DA Valentino out of a Ryad El Jamaal daughter.

A New Follower Blossoming

Abhaa Arabians of Kuwait, owned and loved by Mr. Ahmad Abdulaziz Al Babtain, is one of the premier modern-day breeding programs in the world today.

Royal in every Way

Have you ever seen the arrival of a royal figure? The crowds gather in their thousands and split to make way.

A New Chapter

Orrion Farms, A name rich in history as well as industry innovation. In late 2016 Orrion Farms was purchased by newcomers to the Arabian horse, Steve & Christina Poore.

When Greatness comes to life

I n our world, great things come in all forms, shapes and sizes; from the small ants to the humoungous blue whale to the majestic Mount Everest ...


W hile much of Kuwait and its neighboring countries are covered in desert sand, the city of Wafra is surrounded by fertile soil and lush farmland...

A Magic Name for a Magic Horse

An ancient legend narrates that Excalibur was the magical sword of King Arthur associated with the rightful sovereign. The magic of the Sword is still alive today in different ways.

The rebirth of a legend Part 1 and 2
By Nakashen Valaitham

Alexander The Great, king of the Ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon and a member of the Argead Dynasty, was, is and will always be ranked as one of the most influential people in human history. ​

A Hero. A Legend. A Icon
By Nakashen Valaitham

Manificence is in his destiny
By Nakashen Valaitham

The word magnificence is a noun that means: the quality of being magnificent. And if we look at the meaning of magnificent, we see it is an adjective that means: extremely beautiful, elaborate, or impressive. In the Arabian horse industry, there is a stallion that embodies the word magnificent.

Embarking on a new journey "And suddenly you know...It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginning"
by Nakashen Valaitham

Every so often is our industry, there is a certain form of magic that comes to life when the blood of two stellar individuals is united. Padrons Psyche and the Bey Shah daughters did just this; together they brought to life an era of unparalleled beauty and success with an always relevant impact.

An Evening like 101 nights: The Exceptional Open day at Al Zobair Stud, Sharjah
Written BY Noemie Zeller

On the 19th of March 2017, late in the afternoon, we flew to one of the world most beautiful places where you can find some of the finest Arabian Horses. This place is the amazing Stable of Al Zobair.

The Majesty of QR Marc Words
by Samantha Mattocks

QR Marc’s name is one that is known throughout the world. A champion and a sire of champions, this 11-year-old charismatic bay stallion is one that has transfixed Arabian breeders around the globe for over a decade. Bred in the US by Lou and Vicki Doyle of Quail Ridge Arabians, QR Marc very much calls Belgium home.

by Sonja Smaldone - Soad Badwan

Since its inception in 2007, Dubai Arabian Horse Stud fast became one of the world’s most successful Straight Egyptian and Pure Bred horse farms.Dubai Arabian Horse Stud has left their mark on International Arabian horse shows, producing Champion after Champion and gaining respect from around the world, as leaders in the industry.

Two Champion - makers meet up at Knocke Arabians
Written by Gianluca Martino
Translation by Sonja Smaldone

Mrs. Ria and Paul Gheysens and their typey horse’s vision have been progressing successfully over the time. For many years, the spouses have been focusing on Polish mares ; since the beginning of their ‘adventure’ they have bought many daughters of WH Justice and Marajj, thereby, bringing into play bloodlines other than Polish and

Written by Gianluca Martino & Sonja Smaldone

Last March we were delighted to see up close some of the most beautiful Arabian horses in the world at the stunning Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s Dubai Stud 10th annual Open Day that was held straight after the 2017 Dubai International Championships.

Written by Nakashen Valaitham​

Located in Emilia Romagna, just one hour from the famous city of Bologna, in a very small village that goes by the name Galeata, you will find a small piece of heaven nestled away on earth – you will find Woody Arabians.​

Written By Sonja Smaldone ​

Surrender To His Beauty And Genetic Power Written By Sonja Smaldone​

Giacomo Capacci Arabians farm team is very proud to have him at their farm in Cortona, Italy for the 2017-2018 breeding season. He is pearl-grey, typey and incredibly Arabian beautiful. His temperament is mind-boggling. One can hardly ever see a stallion as gentle and as...