n. 2/2018

EDITORIAL n.2/2018 

Dear Breeders and Lovers of the Arabian horse,

Welcome to our traditional rendezvous with Arabian Horse Magazine. At the height of the breeding and show season 2018, breeders from all over the world are having the chance to present their horses to international spectators and to receive decorations. We would like to cast a spell on the charisma, the beauty and the nobility of today’s best representatives of the most beautiful horse breed: Vesuvius DPA, Shiraz de Lafon, ES Harir, Kanz Albidayer, Michelangelo Regalis, Altona, Priscilla OS, Renee El Lawrence, Jaliila Scah and Dhaman Scah, Princess Marwan RC, D Ajayeb...Just to mention a few of them. These rare Arabian specimens are simply wowing the international audiences with their stunning performances. The Menton issue comes out is in a very interesting and spirited part of the year. The numbers of entries with the plethora of horse events in Europe, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E., and U.S.A. have exceeded all expectations in 2018. There has been a big number of members of the world Arabian community, whether breeders, handlers, trainers, amateur, open riders or simply loyal visitors, moving around the globe to join in the most popular shows of the season: the Asharqia Arabian Horse Festival in Dammam, Saudi Arabia; the 9th Saudi National Championship in Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia; the 15th International Arabian Horses Championship in Dubai, the 12th Annual Arabian Breeders World Cup Show in Las Vegas, and the Wels Arabian Horse International B Show in Austria. So far, Arabian Horse Magazine crew has not missed one single date on the ‘Italian Show Tour 2018”. We flew down to Palermo, up to Milan and down again to Pietrasanta. Having so many breeders participating actively in the shows is a very positive development for our Magazine as well as for the whole international Arabian horse community whose members are having ever-growing opportunities to meet each other, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights for their breeding program. In the context of an increasingly globalised world, this support is also helping us advance with our journal on the international scene. In this spirit of closer cooperation and shared knowledge among breeders and experts in the field, you will find pages on Horsmunity second seminar that took place in April early this year in Cairo, Egypt. For those who still do not know it yet, Horsmunity is the online Horse platform created by judge and manager at Sika Stud Medhat Gaber. A great project that provides trainers, judges, and all the people directly involved in Arabians horses, with an opportunity to meet and share their programs, strategies and visions but first and foremost – their horses with an eclectic online community. You will find out more details in the special section covering this point. Arabian Horse Magazine is always very keen on putting forward new initiatives intended to promote the Arabian horse and his welfare.So, our greeting applies to all of you who remained loyal to our magazine and to the horses and who, even in hard times, spare no pains to invest time, money and enthusiasm to get prepared to meet in the various shows. Our special thank applies to the judges, the organizing teams and the many assistants. Thank you so much to all the sponsors; due to their generosity these wonderful and dignified shows are made possible at all. Beauty and performance should not be mutually exclusive. The Arabian horse is sensitive, powerful and noble; may it find an equivalent breeder and owner. For the year 2018, we will strive for a harmonious togetherness and would like to wish the exhibitors good success, all visitors interesting and long lasting impressions and deeply hope that you will enjoy the noble Arabian horse! Let us forget about the sometimes unnecessary little tiffs here and there. May the beauty and the charisma, the nobility and the special flair that comes from this most beautiful horse breed of the world cast a spell on all of us!