EDITORIAL n.1/ 2023

Dear breeders and lovers of the Arabian Horse,

As we publish the Spring edition 2023 in March, terrible winds of war are blowing from the East, from the borders between Ukraine and Russia, in a Europe that has seen far too many wars whose horrors have not yet taught much to humankind. The dualism between good and evil, altruism and selfishness, and love and hatred influencing the individual and collective souls, has always been there. To imagine a future with no egotism, resentment and greed for power is romantic and unreal. Nonetheless, we should always strive to make peace and promote tolerance among us with the patience and will strength of genuine peacemakers. After all, human beings are not perfect beings. In addition, a small contribution can also be made by telling stories, which instead of the war, speak about cooperation, shared passion and brotherhood across totally different cultures and people all over the globe united by a visceral love for the Arabian horse, as we have done for more than 15 years, and keep doing in Arabian Horse Magazine and our social networks. The Arabian horse has become the essence of our lives and has taught us all about love, respect and kindness. It has made us better people. It is the reason we get up in the morning, the thing we dream about before we sleep, and the thing that makes us more human. This Spring edition 2023 wants to tell you all about the latest adventures of our team in the Arabian Peninsula. After a short stop in Abu Dhabi, for the Al Dhafrah AHC 2023 starting on 18 January, we made a brief visit to the beautiful Sultanate of Oman on 20-21 January on the occasion of the first edition of the Alrubatya Show. Then, we flew to Qatar for the Katara Festival on 1-11 February, back to Abu Dhabi for the Abu Dhabi International AHC 2023, on 16-19 February, and the Al-Shiraa International Arabian Horse Show on 23-26 February. Besides the shows, this elegant and sparkling edition is graciously filled with artistic, cultural, historical, and informative articles illustrated with stunning photographs, including the portraits of three great female artists: German visual artist and photographer Gabriele Boiselle, French painter and sculptor Marine Oussedik, and German Straight Egyptians photographer Joanna Jonientz provided by long-time and precious collaborator William Richardot de Choisey. Written by Italian breeder and historian Domenico Tocchi, the Dams of Distinction section continues with the second part on Nazeera and her Sisters. Several top industry professionals have also been interviewed, including Polish judge Marek Trela, Spanish breeder Albert Sorroca of Equus Arabians, Jordan handler Fadi Al Barmaki, German Sculptor Nicole Sachs with her Art of Bronze, and a portrait of Malika Mohammed Al-Shraim, the KIAHF Organizing Committee's New Media Department Manager and General Secretary. Whether you enjoy breeding, showing horses, learning about the latest breeding products, practising equestrian sports, drawing or photographing - or simply relaxing after a long ride in the pastures surrounding your farms - this Spring edition 2023 carries inside some really good stuff for everyone!