Dear breeders and lovers of the Arabian Horse,

In a warm October, we learnt that the Paris World Championship 2022 would get held in the second half of November, and we also had to speed up our publication schedule to reach you all at the Paris World Championships on time. And, dear friends, it feels so good inside to be finally here! The past few months have been a bit frenzy but also been highly productive with quite a few new media partnerships that proved very successful in their outcomes. In Italy, we attended the most anticipated shows of the 2022 Autumn show season, namely the 10th Purebred Arabians in Bergamo on Saturday, 3rd September, and the following 7th Egyptian Event Europe on Sunday, 4th September, at the well-known Bergamo Exhibition Centre. Internationally, the team travelled to Aachen for the All Nations Cup 2022, and Abu Dhabi, UAE, on the occasion of the prestigious UAE National Arabian Horse Championship 2022. We spent three days immersed in the unique atmosphere of the Arabian horse's homeland in the company of wonderful people. Also, for this Winter 2022 edition, our outside collaborators, lovers, artists, and breed experts have been keen to enrich it with their valuable contributions. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank judge Elyas Ebrahim from Bahrain, breeder Joel Desmarteau from Atlanta, U.S., handler/trainer Luca Oberti from Italy, Mrs Anna Piepiorka, CEO of Horse Treasury GmbH, Switzerland, painter Annabelle Labatie from France, photographer Karolina Mitszal from Poland, horse jeweller Manuela Pozniak of Azabat's Horse Jewelry - from Germany, equestrian model Michelle Lyall from the UK, and Erik Dorssers and his wife Bibi van Wijk, from the Netherlands, as an equestrian couple of this edition. Of course, thank you to Nakashen Valaitham for his article on the wonderful mare Eralda, and to our long-term friend Mr William Richardot de Choisey (France) for handing in a concise historical dossier on the Breeding & Show Seasons in Morocco, with particular reference to the glorious Salons d'El Jadida, Bouznika, Meknes, and Marrakech. Moroccan decision-makers and stakeholders would need to pay greater attention to his suggestions for the future of the breed. Thank you to all of you, and we apologize if we haven't been able to make any others, but we had tight times collecting back the work. We wish the many beautiful articles in this number will keep you warm on cold winter days, perhaps with a piping hot cup of tea and a crackling fireplace. Take a break from the barns and horses and enjoy our stories. If you have any suggestions or feedback for the magazine, please do not hesitate to drop a line or email us. We would appreciate any 'constructive' criticism you may have. As per tradition, this team and its members want to wish a very Merry Christmas and a New Year full of joy and success to all the members of the beautiful community we've become over the years. We do thank you for your tremendous support and good vibes. We have some new events and activities planned and will be announcing these in the New Year. We also hope to extend the range of our services. Not just in what we offer our readers but also in being more of a presence at Arabian Horse shows. In conclusion, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people in the AHM team for working so hard, travelling so much, and devoting a terrific amount of your time to the Arabian horse cause... Well. It's hard to believe that another year is coming to an end. As we welcome the New Year, dear friends, may your beloved horses bring you plenty of happiness and good fortune in 2023!