n.   1/2019

EDITORIAL n.4/2019

Dear breeders and lovers of the Arabian Horse,

End of the Year Editorial November 2019 The end of the year is always a time for reflection on both the past and the future. It does not seem so long ago that we wrote our first editorial of Arabian Horse Magazine but it has been almost nine years. When the Magazine switched to the English language five years ago, information and business relations were not as ‘international’ as it is today and the new AHM Team took on the responsibility in hope and in high expectation. Over the years, we have noticed that the Magazine community in Europe, in the Middle East as well as in the United States and South American regions —- breeders, owners, judges, handlers, trainers, veterinarians, equine artists and everyone else involved with the Arabian Horse --- rally round and has enabled Arabian Horse Magazine to gain the exposure of this day. More important has been the support from those people who took out subscriptions; famous breeding programs and Arabian horses’ owners around the world that advertise with us on a regular basis, and all Sponsors of the various morphology competitions we are recurrently asked to cooperate with. While expressing our gratitude to everyone, we do not hesitate to say that such support needs to continue if the Magazine is to thrive. Since 2014 the Magazine has developed in a number of ways. The elegant format and high quality printing of material is the most obvious improvement and the contents have been extended to include regular features on horses and their owners, cultural and artistic works among other things. In addition, Arabian Horse Magazine, has become more than just the printed page, as the website has enabled us to do many other things. As well as reflecting the printed edition, the website has other content and now readers can subscribe to a digital version of the Magazine, which is proving popular. We are providing more opportunities for people to participate in Arabian Horse Magazine. For example, through our short-story competitions we are reaching out to established clients. Although only in its 5th year, our contribution to beauty competitions has been a great success and champion horses are announced in each issue. As well as all that, the Magazine has become more than the sum of its parts. One pleasant discovery we have made is how much a part of the Magazine is of the book breeding community throughout the world with lots of people feeling a sense of ownership in it. From its foundation by Gianluca Martino, Arabian Horse Magazine has been central to the industry, to show and the selling scene, but today it is also the nexus where writers, businessmen, event organizers and readers of Arabian Horses books can connect in a unique way. We are an echo chamber reflecting all aspects of the Arabian Horse enabling communication throughout the entire segment. We provide not only an independent voice giving an honest assessment of today’s industry trend but also information and support to all those concerned with Arabian Horses in whatever capacity. In this sense, Arabian Horse Magazine has grown beyond its origins. We want to thank every single reader. Thanks to those who read about us every day on their tablets. Thanks to those who follow us on the web and via social networks. Thanks to those who are proud of 'caring' for the Arabian horse. In conclusion, according to tradition, we on the AHM Team Gianluca Martino, Noemie Zeller, Nazario Bizzoco, Debora Martino, Sonja Smaldone, all outside collaborators, journalists and photographers – would like to extend our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year 2020 to all our readers (and you are so many!). We do thank you for your great support and constant participation. We feel honored to take on that responsibility and feel that the longevity of the Magazine should be celebrated in style with the beautiful Paris issue 2019. We have a number of new events and activities planned and will be announcing these in the New Year. We hope also to extend the range of our activities beginning next year, not just in what we offer our readers but also in being more of a presence by working with and participating in Arabian Horses Shows around the globe.