Dear breeders and lovers of the Arabian Horse,

To kick off this new year at full trot, we have some fresh news, videos, and articles that may inspire you and give you some thrill. After the 2022 World Championships in Paris, on 17-18-19 November 2022, the AHM team tour different Middle Eastern regions and makes its way back home slightly before the holiday season. In one go, it makes three compelling stops. First in Kuwait to cover the Erab Arabian Horses International Show, second in Iraq to attend the 1st Sumer National Show on 9-10 December, third and final stop of the tour in the UAE for the 7th Fujairah International Horse Championship at the historical Emirate Fort. As the team begins a new year, it cannot but accept the invitation to join the 2023 Ajman Arabian Horse Show. Flights and hectic times in the past few months are at their peak, but it is all worth it, and the team enjoys every moment. This special edition collects and designs the genuine contributions of people who have surrendered their hearts to the noble Arabian horse and sent in their pieces: breeder Nathalie Goedert of Mikonos Arabian Stud from Belgium, judge Eric Gear from France, ringmaster and Dc Roberto Ceccaroni from Italy, Painter Laeticia Mielani from France, photographer Mohab Magdy Elshayat from Egypt, and equine sculptor Liliane Guiomar from France. The cultural and historical rubric continues with an analysis of the royal ancestry of Nazeera, the Dam of Distinction celebrated in Domenico Tocchi's essay, and a precious detailed paper drafted by William Richardot de Choisey on the Breeding and Show Seasons 2018-2022 in Morocco. You will all pick up on a little of everything attractive, curious, or necessary. So, savour the taste of exciting news in the world breeding and show industry. Thank you for being such passionate readers! AHM Editorial Office