n. 4/2017


EDITORIAL n.4/2017 

Dear Lovers of the Arabian Horse,

As we are approaching the end of the year and the beginning of a new one, so the time to take stock of the situation is also coming, a time where each of us will look back and think about what it has been done so far (or not). Three hundred and sixty days over which many events have been celebrated in that portion of our lives fully devoted to the Arabian Horse. To describe all of them is not an easy task, especially since we might inadvertently forget this event or that equestrian manifestation that marked the three hundred and sixty days of those who love and work in the breeding industry. Moreover, a lot of things can happen in twelve months that not even a big book would be able to contain in such detail to make it a 'good news'. Yet, this time has come as a watershed for our Magazine. This editorial is the final outcome of what the Arabian Horse has meant and continues to mean to all of us. It was born out of the affirmation of an absolute sharing mood which only the Arabian horse is able to create among people. As you all know, Arabian Horse Magazine has been experiencing a remarkable evolution in the past few years. It has celebrated the achievement of many goals and that is part of a process that we would like to bring forward, with you, for many years to come. Many projects are moving forward and their implementation is progressing in a positive way. This progress has also meant we had to test ourselves on a daily basis, overcoming our weaknesses and limits, as well as detecting new ones and learn both from success and mistakes. We have treasured every compliment but also, and above all, all sort of criticism as this made it real and sincere the responsibility placed in us. Luckily enough, our greatest force is to be part of a team like no other in that passion nurtured for such a noble creature; in that spirit of self-sacrifice, perseverance, preparation, and that sense of cooperation and friendship it puts in each project. We want to remind our readers that Arabian Horse Magazine was founded in 2009 by Gianluca Martino. After its first editions entirely published in Italian, it has grown to the point that it has become one of the leading publications in the world industry of the Arabian horse, necessarily making use of the English language. Our Magazine is always full of captivating stories, journalistic essays and articles on the Arabian world community and it addresses to everyone, breeders or simply enthusiasts. The magazine has four issues and a special edition dedicated to the Middle East and the United States of America because it intends to concentrate news in few press releases though proceeding with a widespread distribution throughout the globe. Innovative and elegant, our magazine offers a wide range of advertising opportunities to all, ensuring quality print  and graphic work of the highest level. The energy of Gianluca Martino, Noemie Zeller, Nazario, Sonja, Debora and all other collaborators on the team is based on the love for the Arabian Horse; a love that we hope will evolve into a new dawn for the international industrial history of the Arabian Horse. Therefore, a special thank you goes to our sponsors and to our clients - those of the past and those who are eager to support us in the future, thereby making it possible to inform you about what's happening in the dynamic breeding community; but, most of all, we want to thank every single reader. Thanks to those who read about us every day on their tablets. To those who follow us on the web and via social networks. To those who are proud of 'caring' for the Arabian horse. Of such pride Arabian Horse Magazine has made its own symbol and motto because wherever there is someone who expresses himself through the love for these magnificent and noble specimens, well, that little piece of world is definitely a good place to live in. Finally, and according to tradition, we extend our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year to all our readers (and you are so many!). We do thank you for your unceasing attention and constant participation. You have now a bumper issue that will certainly keep you company through the forthcoming Christmas season…