Special Middle East 2019


Dear fellow Breeders and Lovers of the Arabian horse,

What you hold in your hands is the 2019 special edition of Arabian Horse Magazine and just to celebrate this... very special occasion, we have decided to push the boat out on its fourth birthday. We feel to share with you this further accomplishment by hosting in this issue new desert stories, beautiful pictures, breaking news and the most recent results in the breeding industry with a special focus on the Middle East. There is content focusing on training and breeding advances and innovations, a showcase of some of the most important Arabian horse beauty competitions ranging from Jeddah Arabian Horse Show2018 in Saudi Arabia to World Arabian Horse Championships2018 at the Salon du Cheval in Paris, followed by Fujairah Arabian Horse Show 2018 that took place outside the Emirate’s historic fort. This edition includes short essays on the most recent and successful representatives of the Arabian breed whose incredible results at the 2018 World Arabian Horse Championship in Paris, we thought, had to be further celebrated in our Magazine. So you will read pages about Equator, World Gold Medal Senior Stallion; Anood Al Nasser from Akmal Stud, World Gold Medal Senior Mare; D Ibn Rasheem, Top Ten World Champion and Dubai Stud’s jewel in the crown D Seraj, World Junior Gold Medal Champion. Additional pages will inform you on the recently established partnership about SG Labib and his landing at Antonio Fusco’s Arabian Training Center, nearby Rome, for the new breeding season. Equiborn KA’s new experience at David Boggs’ Midwest Training Center in the US, and on Emperor KA’s newly born partnership and his arrival at Maccabei Arabian Training Center in Italy. These are horses that have come down to Earth to become legends of the Arabian breed and their heirs. And it is the moral responsibility of dreamers like us to continue breeding, feeding, healing, and safeguarding the future of one of the planet's greatest animals. We did not miss out the chance to interview two visionary breeders like Mr. Mohammed Al Tawheedi and Mr. Abdelaziz Al Marzooqi, from Dubai Arabian Horse Stud; Italian judge Pierluigi Rota, German handler Sebastian Hanß since it has become vital for us to provide breeders, judges, handlers or fans of the breed with the same opportunity to speak about their personal, professional experience and daily commitment to the Arabian horse. Another area that you will explore has been devoted to Straight Egyptian horses, not least because of one of a contribution from Straight Egyptians Italian breeder Domenico Tocchi. He was very kind to write for us some extremely interesting pages about Serenity Sonbolah and her sire Sameh. Last but not least, you will come across advertising pages on Abhaa Arabians’ latest horse collection, we re-introduced an interview with famous Arabian horses photographer April Visel as well as a new one with model, singer and actress Greta Ray Giussani. We met her after the Salon du Cheval 2018 and she was pleased to release a nice interview for us. At the very start of the New Year, we want to wish all our friends, breeders, judges, handlers, trainers or simply readers a very inspiring and productive year 2019 with many dreams still to fulfil…