Dear breeders and lovers of the Arabian Horse,

Dear Breeders and Lovers of the Arabian Horse, Away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, and the summer heatwave, the Autumn editorial 2022 narrates a time in the countryside between carefreeness and nostalgia, surrounded by our beloved horses. It just soothes the soul to watch these beautiful creatures at pasture a few miles from our farms, and share with them the warm embrace of nature and its vibrant autumn colours. Let’s use this moment to ask for balance and peace to fill our lives. Media partner and promoter of a handful of well-organized competitions, Arabian Horse Magazine has made a name for itself since the beginning of summer 2022. In Italy, we have inaugurated the show season early in June with Vesuvio Trophy 2022 organized by breeder Donato Prisco on his magnificent equestrian facilities in south Italy. We had the privilege to take part in Menton Mediterranean and Arab Countries Championship 2022 on the French Riviera in late June. Then, we have flown to Jordan for the Jordan Bred Show 2022 and a relative horse auction held at the end of July. To follow, the Prague InterCup 2022, in late August, Bergamo Purebred Show and Straight Egyptian Championship in September that concluded the show-tour. We have welcomed a great deal of fruitful outside collaboration, which has produced interesting articles that you will find inside this number with first-class photography and eye-catching graphics. Among the guests, we have hosted onboard: judge William Oppen from Argentina, breeder Tonino Marinello of TMA Arabians and young handler Giuseppe Baragiani, both from Italy. On the more artistic side, we are pleased to present the works by photographer Kai Shmidt from Germany, while all the beautiful horsewomen of this community will be happy to find again the Fashion Hub section with great ideas and suggestions to refresh our wardrobe with equestrian style clothing and accessories. Ilona Bax from the Netherlands is the exceptional equestrian model of this Autumn edition. On the more cultural side, Domenico Tocchi has provided us with the second part on the Egyptian Dam of Distinction Nagdia (1956), and long-time friend and writing contributor William Richardot de Choisey has blessed us once again with unedited cultural and historical essays on the Arabian world. The Magazine is deeply indebted to all of these people for their quality work, passion, and elegance. Therefore, we cannot help but express our gratitude to them. Remember. Autumn is a time of acknowledging our life cycles of growth, harvest, death and rebirth just as we see in nature. Autumn is the time of year to make room for what’s to come in the next year. This is the time of year to go within and empty out space, letting go of old ideas and using the energy to make new creative visions. Take this autumn equinox to become silent and rest, allowing space for your greater breeding visions to emerge. “Look inward, your truth can be found in your heart.”