Gianpaolo Gubbiotti


Located in Emilia Romagna, just one hour from the famous city of Bologna, in a very small village that goes by the name Galeata, you will find a small piece of heaven nestled away on earth – you will find Woody Arabians. Giampaolo Gubbioti, more commonly known as Woody was intrigued by the wonders of breeding and so he started with dogs and Anglo-Arabs, but he was most fascinated by the Arabian horse. He loved observing the young and watching them grow into what he envisioned when he bred them. And so Woody Arabians began in 1990 when Woody bought his very first Arabian mare; she was a beautiful grey named Matiola. Over the years Woody has established himself as a successful breeder, marketer and honourable horseman. All of the horses bred by Woody hold the El Aziz prefix that was chosen by his father Fernando and they are truly some of the finest specimens in the world.

Everyone has that one person they can call friend, lover, confidant and ultimately, their better half; for Woody that is Noëmie Zeller. Noëmie is the editor of Arabian Horse Magazine and she too shares a deep love for the Arabian horse. Woody and Noëmie have been together since 2012, “Our relationship is everything; we are lovers and friends.  We give each other a home and help during bad moments. The relationship we have makes the world we live a better place for both of us and it all starts with the deep passion and love for the Arabian horse”, says Noëmie.


Via IV Novembre,32

47010 Gallarate (FC) – Italy