Arabian Dream 2019

Arabian Horse Show 2019

Fiera Cavalli - Verona- Italian Show Tour 2019
07/08/09/10 November 2019
Text: Sonja Smaldone Photos by Paola Drera

Travelling around Italy, Europe and the world to celebrate the beauty, the charisma and the versatility of the Arabian Horse is now routine work for Arabian Vibe Srls and his staff of professionals. In Italy, we are used to following and organizing the most important events on the Italian Show Tour 2019, affiliated to Anica and Ecaho, and conceived by Gianluca Martino. But, most of all, from this year on, we have managed to earn a living space in the framework of a very important showcase like Fieracavalli Verona 2019, given the rich calendar of collateral events that this Fair brings about every year. This centenary historical event is no longer just a Fair, but a real tradition with the horse at its heart. A catalyst of interests for all horse enthusiasts, particularly, for all the people who recognize themselves in a new way of conceiving life through horses, between sport, leisure, environment and adventure. A unique parterre in Italy, but also in Europe, where amateurs and professionals in the sector meet and get to know each other. A history and a strong brand that this year was further enhanced by a top class actor in the automotive world such as Volkswagen, main sponsor of Fieracavalli 2019 along with many other partners such as Banco BPM and Cattolica Assicurazioni. The big news of the 2019 edition can be summed up in two words: ethics and sustainability, both social and environmental. They represent the two cornerstones of Fieracavalli Academy, which is a multidisciplinary project with the aim of spreading an increasingly respectful animal welfare driven culture. The work of the Academy started from afar as an initiative of Veronafiere. Unlike other fairs promoting products such as wine, marble or construction machines, here they proudly host living beings that are also faithful companions in sport, in slow tourism, in everyday life and even in people’s rehab thanks to hippo-therapy. Fieracavalli Academy is divided into 5 different sectors, each with specific purposes and under the coordination of experts in the field: sport, horse protection, tourism, western and social riding. A final note about the other ‘spirit’ of Fieracavalli: the business. 750 companies from 25 countries joined in the Fair, for a total of 25 thousand net square meters only for the exhibitors. All the most important Made in Italy and international brands of items for horse riding and horse care equipment were there: from stables to clothing, from supplement to veterinary products. Starting from Saturday 7th November 2019, the spotlight was on the highly anticipated Arabian Horse Show - Fieracavalli Verona 2019 ending in overwhelming success, showered with honours and praise; particularly for insiders, it proved to be a much-needed and enjoyable event. The historical Pavilion 2 at FieraCavalli Verona witnessed the alternation, in the elegant ring, of top quality Arabian horses coming from the most celebrated breeding farms. In addition to the International Championships, the Egyptian Event, itself an international event, was held along with the Females and Males 2019 Futurity Championships, reserved for the sole European citizens and powered by the European Breeders Trust Association with a prize-pool of Euro 5.000, followed by an Amateur competition, sponsored by Aljassimya Stud from Qatar and reserved for non-professional handlers. Dulcis in fundo, the Finals of the Italian Show Tour reserved for Arabian horses born and bred in Italy, and a wonderful presentation of stallions complemented with horse selling initiatives and a breeding clinic. Therefore, we are talking about an impressive’ machine’ that put in place a great deal of activities related to the equestrian world in only four days, with international breeders, world-famed characters including high-profile judges, handlers, investors and representatives of important families from the Middle East. A mighty ‘machine’, starting from the very location, the romantic city of Verona. We checked on stands and famous brands. Each team some more and some less, of course – built and decorated its own promotional booth to the smallest detail according to thematic areas, with moments of great entertainment for the public. Three exclusive evenings with rides, dressage shows, free shows with music, dance, equestrian theatre and lots of good food thanks to the presence of the ‘Assunta Madre’ Restaurant inside the Fair, directed by internationally renowned Chef Franco Bloisi. For all those who, like us, were personally involved in organizing and managing the various morphology competitions, it was a dream that turned into reality ending with unexpected success. We had a great panel of judges in a super mix of international and national. Therefore, glory to: Dr. Vet. Gianmarco Aragno (Italy); Mr. Terry Holmes (USA); Mr. Gideon Reisel (Netherlands); Mr. Hassan Al Mannai (Qatar); Mrs. Martine Van Hee (Belgium); Mr. Rashid Nasser Al - Ali (United Arab Emirates); Mr. Alaa Abdul-Jabbar Ahmed Isa (Bahrain); Mr. Khalil Ali Mukhtar (Bahrain); Mr. Ali Daraskwa (Israel); Mr. Medat Gaber (Egypt); Mr. Mahmoud Mohsen (Egypt); Mr. Gerard Paty (Port of Spain, Trinidad e Tobago) and Mrs. Amira Safady as a probationer judge (Netherlands). Kudos to the Disciplinary Commission which monitored the correct conduct of the morphology championships thanks to the contribution of: Mr. Fharang Fazeli (Iran) and Mr. Mario Bonomi (Italy); to the Ringmaster: Dr. Mohammed Hammad (Egypt); to the official speakers who animated the heart of the shows: Mr. Erik Blaak (Holland) and Mrs. Costanza Farnese (Italy); to the General Secretariat represented by Mrs. Debora Martino; to the official photographers: Mrs. Paola Drera (Italy) and Mr. Giovanni Messinese (Italy); to ArabianEssence and their fantastic staff that broadcast the event via Live stream. In addition, our most sincere thanks to Arnica’s representatives, Mr. Claudio Mazza and Mr. Domenico Ciceroni as they gave us a real chance to do this memorable event; to Veronafiere in the person of President Maurizio Danese and General Manager Dr. Giovanni Mantovani. A very special thank you goes to the whole ‘Arena of Verona Foundation’ as they generously offered the wonderful scenic design inside the ring and outside of Pavilion n.2. Besides that, we want to express our most sincere gratitude to the numerous sponsors who came to support the event, first of all the Municipality and the Province of Verona, the Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation and the famous Volkswagen car brand that kindly sponsored some of the most beautiful models of their automotive range for the judges. Everyone worked very hard, with dedication, commitment and professionalism, making the Arabian Dream become a reality. Last but not least, we deeply appreciate the many foreign farms that generously supported the event: Dubai Arabian Horse Stud, United Arab Emirates; Abhaa Arabians, Kuwait; Al Shaqab Stud, Qatar; Al Jawaher Stud, United Arab Emirates; Alorasia Stud, Bahrain; Knocke Arabians, Belgium; Aljassimya Farm, Qatar; Orrion Farms, Usa; Zobin Stud, Iran; Al Waly Arabians, Egypt; Al Tarzy Stud, Egypt; Abo Gamal Stud, Egypt; Albadeia Stud, Egypt; JM Arabians, Greece. The guests of the first edition of Verona Arabian Dream 2019 were so numerous, coming from all over the world. We want to thank them all, one by one, as their presence and active participation meant a lot to us. Therefore, thanks to: Mr. Federico D’Inca, Italian Minister for Parliament Relations; to Mr. Gerard Paty (Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago) as representative of Alorasia Stud of the Sheikha Mona Saleh Al Rashed, Bahrain; to Mr. Mohammed Al Tawheedi and Mr. Abdelaziz Al Marzooqi representing His Highness Mohamed bint Rashid AlMaktoum, Dubai Emirate; Mr. Mr. Khalid Al Anzan, owner of Shazin Stud, Italy and Saudi Arabia; Mr. Ahmad Al Albabtain, owner of Abhaa Arabians, Kuwait; Mr. Josif Mertyris and family which rushed from Greece, plus many other illustrious guests that we may forget here. International C-Show Championships “Ecaho” @Verona Arabian Dream Verona 2019 In the Yearling Fillies International Championship, Gold medal D A’asaleyyah (Fa El Rasheem x Elle Flamenca) bred and owned by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud; in the Yearling Colts International Championship, Gold medal D Shakhat (D Khattaf x D Shireen) bred and owned by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud. In the Junior Fillies International Championship, Gold medal D Seeneyyah (Fa El Rasheem x Royal Emira) bred and owned by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud; in the Junior Colts International Championship, the Gold medal was awarded to the handsome D Ibn Rasheem (Fa El Rasheem x Angeliccah) bred by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud and owned by GM Arabians by Iosif Mertyris. In the Senior Mares International Championship, Gold medal the beautiful Mourina J (Emerald J x Magnificent Lady J) bred by Christine Jamar Bvba and owned by Kaheel Stud. Finally, among all of the Senior Stallions, the Gold medal was given to the exotic Jayan De Nautiac (Shael Dream Desert x Joumalia Nautiac) bred by Mme Rachel Bourasse and owned by Knocke Arabians. Futurity Championships @Verona Arabian Dream Verona 2019 In the Futurity Fillies Championship, first on the podium Darjana El Aziz (Excalibur EA x Danha El Aziz) bred and owned by Woody Arabians. This spirited filly took over her male class-mate according to the comparison method and she was awarded the Verona Trophy 2019 under the admired gaze of his breeder and owner. In the Futurity Colts Championship, first place for Preisen PPJ (Shanghai EA x EA Sihan Ajmania), a beautiful male bred ad owned by Az. Agr. PPA by Lagella Giovanna. Egyptian Event @Verona Arabian Dream Verona 2019 In the Egyptian Event Yearling Fillies category, first on the podium D Tamjeed (DF Al Majeed x D Taghreed) bred by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud and owned by Abhaa Arabians. The Egyptian Event Yearling Colts category was absent. In the Egyptian Event Junior Fillies category, first place for Ansinaatsa (Shams Sharav Aa x Amasi Al Ayal) bred and owned by Abhaa Arabians; in the Egyptian Event Junior Colts category the victory went to Fa Sirius (Fa Nile Safir x Magic Sibilla) bred and owned by Florio Sabato. Next, the Senior Mares category where the stunning Hikayet Hoob (AL Ayal AA x Hamdiyah AA) got first place. She is bred by Ariela Arabians and owned by Abhaa Arabians. Finally, in the Egyptian Event Senior Stallions category, the first place was given to the charismatic Jameel Md (Baha AA x Cedars Bellavia) bred and owned by Davide Mariani. Italian Show Tour Championships @Verona Arabian Dream Verona 2019 In the Yearling Fillies category from 1 to 3-year-old, Gold medal Va Lady Madhjra (Maher Al Jamal x Va Lady Plamena), a female bred and owned by Victor Arabians, Ranieri Mauro; in the Yearling Colts category from 1 to 3-year-old, Gold medal Qatar di Mar (Psyrasic xPrincipessa di Mar) bred by Az. Agr. Tre Stelle, Cristina C. and owned by Storti Gabriele. Next, in the Senior Mares category, the Gold medal was given to Free Lara (Free Endel x Free Baila), bred and owned by Ge.Mar. Srl. In the Senior Stallions category, the victory went to Masai Moniscione (Ajman Moniscione x Masaida Al Tiglio) bred by Az. Agr. Buzzi Giancarlo and owned by Mr. Luca Ferretti. STALLIONS PARADE: The Show reached its climax when we saw each of the stallions entering the ring at a majestic, manly pace; announced by the galvanizing voice of Mr. Erik Blaak, all together put up a sensational parade with even greater vigour as they came to a circular close. An extraordinary vision of beauty that stood up in front of the judges for some time and catalyzed the interest of experts in the sector and the public audience. The value of these stallions is immeasurable; it embodies and permeates everything, Present and Future of the entire Italian breeding industry. Therefore, we need to mention all of them: Kanz Albidayer - Bariq Al Shaqab - Makkisa Adaggio - D Khaeel - Invictus - Masai Moniscione - Grea Halim - Majid By Shanghai - SG Labib. CONCLUSION: The Arabian Dream 2019 in the beautiful city of Verona involved almost fifty people among technicians and staff professionals deployed and operating inside of Pavilion n. 2. Show Director Mr. Gianluca Martino wants to warmly thank them all for their incredible work. “The rendezvous, he said, is renewed for next year with another mesmerising episode of the Arabian Dream in 2020. Therefore, “Stay tuned”...