Pietrasanta 2018


Marina di Pietrasanta
2018 B International Echao Show

Marina di Pietrasanta
2018 International B
Arabian Horse Show

12th-13th May 2018
Written By Sonja Smaldone - Photos by Alessio Azzali and Francesconi Marianna

Just a few meters away from the beach of Marina di Pietrasanta, bathing site of the city of Pietrasanta, the ‘Versiliana Park’ sits on one of the greenest areas of Versilia. This area is not only dear to the people who live there, but it has also become a major tourist attraction: along with the beautiful pinewood and picturesque natural landscape you may find a treasure chest of cultural attractions and leisure activities in it. Stretching between the conurbations of Marina di Pietrasanta and Forte dei Marmi, this park is the green lung of the Versilia coast. In that peaceful frame of the pinewoods stands the ‘Theater’, famous for hosting the ‘Versiliana Festival’, an event which covers the entire summer season. This pine grove was also very dear to great Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio. He loved riding his own horses along the coastal area. From the greenwoods the poet took inspiration for many of his works and spent most of his summer holidays at the Villa inviting other fellow writers. For about eighteen years now, the ‘Versiliana Park’ has also been home to the much-awaited show dedicated to our beloved Purebred Arabian. From 12th to 13th May 2018, the B International ECAHO show was first and foremost, intended to project and bring Versilia back to its being first ‘Land of Horses’. Hundreds of purebred Arabians took part in the competition coordinated by Luciano Borzonasca, promoted and organized by the Municipality of Pietrasanta in collaboration with the Versiliana Foundation as part of the ‘S.T. Art - Grandi Eventi’ under the patronage of the Tuscany Region Council and the Province of Lucca. The event was organized in collaboration with E.C.H.A.O (European Conference of was also attended by the stallion of Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli and by splendid specimens of foreign nobles, entrepreneurs and wealthy heirs. THE FINAL CHAMPIONSHIPS. Gold medal winner of the Yearling Fillies Championship the gray SHAMAHA AL SHAQAB (AL RAHEB AA x GAZALA AL SHAQAB). Silver medal winner the gray SA KAMILA (SA FAEZ SIMBAD x SA KARIMA) bred and owned by Scipioni Angelo. Bronze medal winner the gray SG WENERE (WADEE AL SHAQAB x SG WENUSIA) bred and owned by Soc. Agr. Scuderia Groane S.r.l. Gold medal winner of the Yearling Colts Championship the bay QATAR DI MAR (PSYRASIC x PRINCESS OF MAR) bred by Soc. Agr. Tre Stelle - Cristina C. and owned by Storti Gabriele. Silver medal winner the bay BAYF BY BAYDAH (FADI AL SHAQAB x BAYDAH) bred and owned by Margherita Cracchiolo. Bronze medal winner DHAMAR SCAH (S.M.A. MAGIC ONE x CREOLA LC) bred and owned by Scah Arabians Srl. Gold medal winner of the Junior Fillies Championship the gray JASMEENAH AL JASSIMYA (AL AYAL AA x CR JASMEENAH) bred by Al Jassimya Farm and owned by Sheikh Jassim Khalifa Al Thani. Silver medal winner the chestnut ISABELLA CHANDRA (MAKISA ADAGGIO x BARBARELLA CHANDRA) bred and owned by Montecucco of Gatti Gloria. Bronze medal winner the gray SHAKIRA BY AISHA (CAVALLI x AISHA PA) bred and owned by Paoloni Piero. Gold medal winner of the Junior Colts Championship, the bay DASTAN (EQUATOR x DAMA PIK) bred and owned by SK Michalov Sp.zo.o. Silver medal winner the gray SHADI EL MARWAN (MARWAN AL SHAQAB x AP SHAKIRA) bred and owned by Pastine Claudio. Bronze medal winner the gray PICCADILLY (AJMAN MONISCIONE x SHAKIRA BY KIR) bred and owned by Sparapan Amadio. Gold medal winner of the Seniors Mares Championship the gray TF ESMERALDA (AJMAN MONISCIONE x BALEENA EB) bred by Tripodi Francesco and owned by Shazin Arl. Silver medal winner the gray GRISENDA CHANDRA (WH JUSTICE x GARIDAH) bred by Gatti Gloria and owned by Montecucco of Gatti Gloria. Bronze medal winner the gray AD STELLA BGP (HADIDI x CARINA DEI MORI) bred and owned by Dionisi Antonio. Gold medal winner of the Senior Stallions Championship the bay BM DHAKIR DI MAR (PSYRASIC x AKIRA MONISCIONE) bred by BM Arabian Stud and owned by Franchini Marco. Silver medal winner the bay MYSTICA KAMAL (MARWAN AL SHAQAB x CAMAYA) bred by Mystica Arabians and owned by Tenuta Bocelli. Bronze medal winner the gray PHAVEZ BY IMPERIA (MAHRABI PA x AP IMPERIA) bred by Lo Votrico Mario and owned by Adelfio Caterina. This is how the eighteenth edition of the Show in Marina di Pietrasanta drew to a close. The Organizing Committee and the Tourism and Sports Office of the Municipality of Pietrasanta led, for the technical part by Luciano Borzonasca, did everything to ensure a perfect organization of the show, combining the grace and beauty of the Arabian horse with the fascinating atmosphere of the Versiliana Park. The Judges called upon to score our purebred Arabians were: Helen Hennekens- Van Nes (Belgium); Stefaniuk Anna (Poland); Detailleur Koenraad (Belgium) and Moschini Cristian (Italy). Impeccable in his role of Ringmaster: Teobaldelli Gian Paolo. Disciplinary Commissioners: Mascagna Laura, Raso Barbara and Dagoberto Ferrandello. Not to forget the presence at the show of Manolo Valdés, Spanish sculptor and painter from Valencia, born in 1942. Valdés lives between New York and Madrid and is an eclectic artist, whose innovative expressive and formal research is able to combine with past art production. This year it was his turn to sign the manifesto of the eighteenth edition of ‘L’Arte del Cavallo’ with the sculpture named ‘Dama’ of 2005, a bronze of 2 meters and 70 cm x 2 meters and 40 cm that later Valdés himself chose to exhibit in the churchyard St. Augustine’s Church. Our warmest congratulations go to the winners and organizers, in particular, to the Versiliana Foundation and the Municipality of Pietrasanta which continue to make considerable efforts to prepare the third morphology competition on the Italian Show Tour 2018. AHM was proud to be there to promote and be partner of the event with its team. See you all next year with other superstar champions. Hereunder, the pictures taken by photographers Azzali Alessio and Francesconi Marianna.