Special Moddle East 2020


Dear breeders and lovers of the Arabian Horse,

Dear fellow Breeders and Lovers of the Arabian horse, What you hold in your hands is the 2020 Middle East special edition. On its 5th birthday, we feel to share with you this important accomplishment by hosting in this issue new desert stories, beautiful pictures, breaking news and the most recent results in the breeding industry with a special focus on the Middle East circuit. There is content focusing on training and breeding advances and innovations, a showcase of some of the most important Arabian Horse Shows in the world: the upcoming Al Shira’aa Horse Show 2020 in Abu Dhabi, the first edition of Verona Arabian Dream 2019 – Italy, the Paris World Arabian Horse Championships 2019, France, the 22nd Qatar National Arabian Horse Show 2019 in Doha, and Fujairah Arabian Horse Show 2019, which took place outside the Emirate’s historic fort. This edition duly celebrates the most talked about champions and promises of the breed. Their striking results over the 2019 Paris World Championships and in the Middle East we thought should be further divulged. So you will read extraordinary things about Abhaa Arabians’ Baviera HVP (2012) (Marwan Al Shaqab x HB Bessolea) - Paris World Gold Champion Senior Mare; Dubai Stud’s D Shamkhah (2018) (FA EL Rasheem x FT Shaella) – Paris World Gold Champion Yearling Filly 2019; D Sheimaz (2018) (FA El Rasheem x Ladi Veronika) - Paris World Silver Champion Yearling Colt; and D Shihanah (2017) (FA El Rasheem CONTACT FOR ITALY x D Shahla) – Paris World Bronze Champion Junior Filly. Great sire FA El Rasheem and his prolific son D Seraj have also gained special advertising pages in this edition. Moreover, you will find a very nice essay on Dominc M (Da Vinci FM x Rosa La Valentina) updated with the most recent victory of his offspring over major competitions in the United Arab Emirates along with a revisited story of Kanz Albidayer (Ajman Moniscione x DL Marielle). His gorgeous daughter Sangraia (x GC Le Marais) grabbed a well-deserved Bronze medal at 2019 King Abdul-Aziz Arabian Horse Center Show (KAAHC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Another titan of the breed, Muranas Jasseehr (2007) (Major x Jana El Bri) deservedhisown story in this issue. ... We have also included a photo- presentation of Mr. Giacomo Capacci stallions’ selection at his first-class breeding station inTuscany.So, relax and feast your eyes... In conclusion, we did not miss out the chance to interview judge Mr. Terry Holmes from Arizona, US; handler Mr. Chandler Pace Kozikowski from Poland; painter and artist Mr. William Black from the United Kingdom; model and Arabian horse lover Mrs. Chloe Ann Lloyd from the US and Mr. Alessio and Giovanna Scaramella as a Riding Couple from Italy. At the very start of the New Year, we want to wish all our readers, breeders, judges, handlers, trainers, photographers, models, artists, and all the wide range of professionals involved in the sector, a very inspiring and productive year 2020 with many other challenges and new opportunities to grow!