Milano 2019


Milan 2019

Milan 2019
National International B Show E.C.A.H.O.

National italian Breeder Championship
International Egyptian Event
27/28 April 2019 - Vermezzo (MI)

C rossed by the ‘Naviglio Grande’, the Commune of Vermezzo is located at 119 meters above the sea level and 20 kilometers away from Milan. In this quiet and picturesque location, breeders and members of the Arabian Horse international community gathered on the weekend between 27th28th April at the new equestrian facility - the MVR Pala Show Jumpers Asd. owned by Mrs. Barbara Morali & Company to participate in the ‘Milan International B - Arabian Horse Show’ 2019. The Contest was governed by the E.C.A.H.O. rules, it was affiliated with A.N.I.C.A. and hosted an international panel of six judges composed by: Pittaluga Marco (Italy); Schibler Renata (Switzerland); Nagham Aldabbous Sehaim (Kuwait); Philstrom Richard (France); Luiz Rocco (Brazil) and Gaber Medhat (Egypt). Members of the Disciplinary Committee were: Fazeli Farhang (Iran); Manerba Alberto (Italy) and Teobaldelli Gian Paolo (Italy). Impeccable in his role of Ringmaster: Ludi Ivo (Italy). Official speaker: Eric Blaak (The Netherlands). The music was played by Filippi Coccetta Gianluca (Italy). Also present at the show, the cameras of ArabianEssence that filmed the show via Livestream. The participating categories were all captivating. The Final Championships entertained the audience on the edge of their seat throughout the show until the best champions of each category were awarded. The final results are set out below. FINAL CHAMPIONSHIPS Yearling Fillies Category Gold medal champion Fam Donatella (Dominic M x D Crystal Moon) bred by Federico Jose Morales Jordan and owned by Al Juwaher Arabian Horse Stud. Silver medal champion Niche Regalis (Vivaldi Regalis x Naisha Regalis) bred and owned by Regalis Arabians Srl. Bronze medal champion Aglaia Moniscione (Aj Mardan x Maybena Moniscione) bred and owned by Az. Agr. Buzzi Giancarlo. YEARLING COLTS CATEGORY Gold medal champion Alsalan Al Shaqab (Magic One x Sharifa Al Shaqab) bred and owned by Al Shaqab Member of Q.F. Silver medal champion Afar Al Samah (Espressivo Ka x Zenia Al Samah) bred and owned by Pellegrini Mirando. Bronze medal champion Fmfarah Thalij (Al Ayal Moniscione x Bahira By Ashiraf) bred and owned by Rizzo Ignazia. JUNIOR FILLIES CATEGORY Gold medal champion Priscilla Os (Poseidon Os x El Lucina Os) bred by Stochle Arabians and owned by Albabtain ASA Ahmad. Silver medal champion Azalea Moniscione (Eden C x Adana Moniscione) bred by and owned by Az. Agr. Buzzi Giancarlo. Bronze medal champion Apollonia K (Eks Alihandro x Annika) bred by Murillo Kammer and owned by Alorasia Stud. JUNIOR COLTS CATEGORY Gold medal champion D Ibn Rasheem (Fa El Rasheem x Angeliccah) bred by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud and owned by Mertyris Josif. Silver medal champion Sabah Al Shaqab (S.m.a. Magic One x Hayam Al Shaqab) bred and owned by Al Shaqab (Member of Q.F.) Bronze medal champion D Jari (Polidoro Fc x Juwanda Os) bred by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud and owned by Al Jawaher Stud. SENIOR MARES CATEGORY Gold medal champion My Whos That Girl (Shanghai Ea x Lady Prue) bred and owned by My Arabians by Cav. Manfredi Massimo. Silver medal champion Shah Mahsima (Wh Justice x Minutka) bred by All Afkhani and owned by Az. Agr. Romagnoli Rossi. Bronze medal champion Agianna Moniscione (Magnum Psyche x Alma Al Tiglio) bred by Az. Agr. Buzzi Giancarlo and owned by Alim Editrice. SENIOR STALLIONS CATEGORY Gold medal champion Mountassar Al Zobair (Khidar x Falha Al Shaqab) bred by Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohammed Ali Althani and owned by Al Jawaher Arabian Horse Stud. Silver medal champion Radad Al Shaqab (Hadidy Al Shaqab X Rasha Al Shaqab) bred and owned by Al Shaqab Member of Q.F. Bronze medal champion Al Ayal Moniscione (Al Ayal Aa x Ariel Moniscione) bred and owned by Az. Agr. Buzzi Giancarlo. FUTURITY CHAMPIONSHIP The Futurity Championship took place on Sunday morning, starting at 10.00am. As for the Female Category, first place on the podium was won by the little bay filly Sg Werena (Onassis Di Mar x Sg Wera) bred and owned by Groane Stables. As for the Males Category, first place was grabbed by the promising chestnut colt Spartacuss (Ajman Moniscione x Janeira) bred and owned by Nicoletta Bossalini. CONCLUSION We will definitely remember them as two sensational days those we spent in Vermezzo, in the province of Milan, on the occasion of the third stop on the 2019 Italian Show Tour. Undisputed protagonists, our beloved Arabian horses many of whom managed to arouse the curiosity and a discreet interest of renowned breeders and experts in the sector. The feed-back from the participants was overall unanimous and very positive, therefore, this fourth edition passed with flying colors. During a short interview, the event’s organizer, Claudio Mazza, said: “This year we have worked even harder than last year, and in different possible ways, so to ensure that everything was going to be great. The central idea was to offer Italian breeders, but not only them, an event to remember. Every person of the staff has been fundamental in setting up the show, and everyone worked with great passion, professionalism and motivation”. Among the attendants of the show, there were also many foreign breeders while many others had the possibility of watching it via web streaming thanks to the cameras of ArabianEssence. The Gala dinner on Saturday evening at the “Assunta Madre” restaurant was a moment of great conviviality and interaction between fellow breeders and numerous guests who joined in. A lot of nice food along with the performances by Milanese singer-model Greta Ray enlivened the party. Therefore, our deepest thanks go, first of all, to Mrs. Barbara Morali & Co., whose hard work, great dedication and passion made it possible the availability of a fantastic equestrian facility like the MVR Pala Show Jumpers Asd. in Vermezzo. Congratulations to Arabite srl, the organization led by Claudio Mazza for the technical part that which had the task of coordinating every single aspect of the show so to offer an impeccable competition. Thanks also to all those who believed in this project, from ANICA to ECAHO, from the local administrations to all the sponsors who supported the event. To close, thanks to the judges and the handlers, the photographers Azzali Alessio and Petix Paola whose precious shots will always make us reminisce about the good moments of this show. Arabian Horse Magazine renews the appointment for year 2020, always in the name of the elegance, beauty and power of this fascinating creature.