Menton 2019

Menton 2019
Mediterranean & Arab Countries
Arabian Horse Championship

Porte de France - Menton Gravan - France
22th & 23 th June 2019
Text: Guillaume De Clery Translation: Sonja Smaldone Picture: Arabian Insider by Paola Drera

In the current context in which breeding events for the Arabian horse are no longer at the pinnacle of the public interest around the world, the good or bad reputation of the Menton show leaves little choice for discussion, neither does the number of actors who are more and more deserting competitions, at this 2019 edition, spectators were not attending in large numbers an event that it is still well worth consideration. The participation of big farms from overseas countries is still solid with subjects of a certain quality, but it is sad to note that some Europeans or mainlanders - who are di- sappointed – are no longer eager to measure themselves against a competition which, to their eyes, has many drawbacks. However, the Organizers of Menton cannot be really regarded as directly responsible for this situation, rather they have turned to professionals who have become breeders, handlers, presenters or traders at the same time by doing so, they have put the Arabian horse at the same level of a farm animal without conscience or hesitation. In the scope of this reflection, you got to be really insensitive to treatments inflicted with ‘artifices’ such as plastic bags or whips equipped with odd things as you observe them by close, all this takes place on the show-grounds with the acquiescence of the Members of the Disciplinary Commission often in collusion with traders, some characters are even veterinarians, these people, in addition to their positions, all earn a salary of 100 euros per day to perform a surveillance job. Since last year, the Intersector Agents have been responsible for going there and find out the offenses against the Official Texts of the European Union and the Civil and Rural Codes in reference to the Wellfare-being of the Horse and its Protection. Under these circumstances it has become nearly useless to recite the ‘oath of the Ju- dges’ before the championships as you know already what it will happen in the end, furthermore, the plethora of photographers on the track always annoys horses and judges alike. Inside of the show-facilities the Agents - inspectors did not find any isolated boxes despite this is obligatory for any effective anti-doping test of the winners and the fol- lowing compilation of the public report, the question remains legitimately open as to the growing suspicion about the horses belonging to partners. On the French territory a taxation is still applied to prizes and it must comply with the Code of the DGI / FR for any competition organized on the national territory with an endowment in cash ; a deduction is compulsory for any foreign participant, for sure a difficult task when it comes to maintain events to which any organizer is being forced, in year 2020 we must expect real tax audits among the actors of the sector. In what we can see today, we should praise the work done by some Italian talented Organizers who have created a dynamic environment in their country through a brand-new circuit, the whole sector would need such a commitment to regain its position. Many concerns are now emerging about the next ‘World Arabian Hor- ses Championships’ in Paris that will be held almost behind closed door, without the public, during the 29th – 30th November and 1st December 2019 before the opening of the Salon du Cheval, the latter will take place only five days from 4th to 8th December 2019. There will also be surprises within this new apparatus, the public audience as well as the amateurs of the breed might also be more occupied with Christmas shopping in Paris « intra-muros ».