L’Arte Del Cavallo 2019


L'Arte del Cavallo 2019

Marina Di Pietrasanta B International Show
11 - 12 May 2019

Words by Sonja Smaldone

From Saturday 11th to Sunday 12th May 2019, ‘Arte del Cavallo’, the International B morphology show held in Marina di Pietrasanta, had first of all the purpose of projecting and bringing Versilia back to its being a ‘Land of horses’. In the places where Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio loved to ride, this prestigious international event has recorded - as per tradition - the presence of hundreds of splendid specimens, authentic purebred Arabians from all over the world accompanied by their handlers, and over the years it has carved out its own place of honour among the most important competitions. As a part of the two-day event dedicated to the equestrian world, around a hundred Arabian specimens arrived in Versiliana from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar and Dubai, as well as from half of Europe. Among the most anticipated owners, Italian singer and tenor Andrea Bocelli together with his wife Veronica. Despite his imminent departure for England where he will be singing on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday, Bocelli did not miss out the appointment in Versiliana. Among the participant breeders who watched the entire competition from the ‘parterre de roi’, it is worth pointing out the attendance of the Minister of Transport of Saudi Arabia, the General Manager of the Saudi Royal Family, heirs, nobles and enthusiasts from all over the world The involvement of specialized media was massive, with some of the show bits aired on the Rai channel and live worldwide thanks to ArabianEssence cameras. This suggestive equestrian demonstration was conceived and promoted by the Municipality of Pietrasanta and Versiliana Foundation as a part of ‘Start-Great Events project’, under the patronage of the Region of Tuscany and the Province of Lucca, and it bore the signature of Luciano Borzonasca for the technical and organisational part in cooperation with Echao (European Conference of Arab Horse Organization) and Anica (Italian National Association of the Arabian Horse). The quality of the participant horses was outstanding; for two days they challenged each other in beauty and carriage in front of an international jury composed of: Annaratone Ferraroni Maria (Italy); Aeschbacher Urs (Switzerland); Norden Anna (Sweden) and Gozdzialski Lucas (Poland). In his role of Ringmaster: Moschini Cristian (Italy); with the rank of Disciplinary Commissioners: Teobaldelli Gian Paolo (Italy), Raso Barbara (Italy) and Ceccaroni Roberto (Italy). The final championships took place on two fantastic days, also thanks to nice weather conditions and gave the following results: FINAL CHAMPIONSHIPS Yearling Fillies Championship Gold medal winner FAREEDA AL MAR (RFI FARID x MONNA ROSE CHANDRA) bred and owned by Alessandro Marino. Silver medal winner MARAJJA TMA (MARAJJ x PS JUBILEE) bred by Tm Arabians and owned by Prisco Antonio. Bronze medal winner AGLAIA MONISCIONE (AJ MARDAN x AGIANNA MONISCIONE) bred and owned by Az. Agr. Buzzi Giancarlo.Yearling Colts Championship Gold medal winner SAHIL BY KAHIL (KAHIL AL SHAQAB x HASSENE BY HASSAN) bred and owned by Battisti Giuseppe. Silver medal winner B FAWAZ (EKS ALIHANDRO x FOTNA AL BAIDAA) bred and owned by Al Babtain Stud. Bronze medal winner SS TYARI (MORION x SS TADMOR) bred by Stigler Stud ad owned by Valentina Piccioli. Junior Fillies Championship Gold medal winner GHALLIBA AL SHAQAB (HADIDY AL SHAQAB x SHARIFA AL SHAQAB) bred and owned by Al Shaqab (Member Of Q. F). Silver medal winner TE AL SHAQAB (SMA MAGIC ONE x LOUBANA) bred and owned by Al Shaqab (Member Of Qf). Bronze medal winner AZALEA MONISCIONE (EDEN C x ADANA MONISCIONE) bred and owned by Az. Agr. Buzzi Giancarlo. Junior Colts Championship Gold medal winner AQIL AL SHAQAB (SMA MAGIC ONE x FATEN AL SHAQAB) bred and owned by Al Shaqab (Member Of Q.F.). Silver medal winner AMANI MONISCIONE (AJ MARDAN x ALMA AL TIGLIO) bred by Az. Agr Buzzi Giancarlo and owned by Valentina Piccioli. Bronze medal winner SHADI EL MARWAN (MARWAN AL SHAQAB x AP SHAKIRA) bred and owned by Pastine Claudio. Senior Mares Championship Gold medal winner MY WHOS THAT GIRL (SHANGHAI EA x LADY PRUE) bred and owned by My Arabians by Cav. Manfredi Massimo. Silver medal winner THAMAMAH AL SHAQAB (GAZAL AL SHAQAB x THOURAYAH AL SHAQAB) bred and owned by Al Shaqab (Member Of Q.F.).Bronze medal winner SA SONJA (AJMAN MONISCIONE x SA SOFIA) bred by Scipioni Angelo and owned by Emad Abdullah Ama Al Kandari. Senior Stallions Championship Gold medal winner MASAI MONISCIONE (AJMAN MONISCIONE x MASAIDA AL TIGLIO) bred by Az. Agr. Buzzi Giancarlo and owned by Ferretti Luca. Silver medal winner INVICTUS (CAVALLI x ALTHEA) bred and owned by Az. Agr. Oberti Gianluca. Bronze medal winner SHAEL DREAM DESERT (ANSATA SHAAMIS x ELETTRA) bred by Bigotti Barbara and owned by Az. Agr. Arabian Inspiration. CONCLUSION The nineteenth edition of ‘Arte Del Cavallo’ crowned the already award-winning Gold medal junior filly Ghalliba Al Shaqab, the filly owned by Emir of Qatar, Sheik Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, as the most beautiful horse of the international competition. This super filly, a daughter by multi-champion Hadidy Al Shaqab, won the “Best in Show” award under the admired gaze of over 2 thousand spectators. The Organizing Committee and the Office of Tourism and Sports of the Municipality of Pietrasanta directed by Luciano Borzonasca for the technical part, spared no efforts to ensure the perfect success of the show, combining the grace and beauty of the Arabian horse with the mesmerising atmosphere of the Versiliana Park. Like every year ‘Arte del Cavallo’ presented itself with an author’s manifesto that for this edition was signed by Pablo Atchugarry; the Uruguayan artist will also be the protagonist of the summer exhibition from 8th June to 29th September called “The Evolution of a Dream”, an initiative of the Municipality of Pietrasanta, the Versiliana Foundation and S.T. Art in cooperation with Contini Gallery in Venice. The winner of the morphological competition was awarded a work by Italian artist Marzio Cialdi, who also exhibited his own sculpture in Versiliana on the occasion of the festival. In addition to the International-B Show, ‘Arte del Cavallo’ offered a weekend market display of handicrafts and typical local products, an entire area focused on horse culture with performances by the Spanish Haute Ecole, demonstrations by master blacksmiths and much else. An opportunity not to be missed out to learn all the secrets of the Arabian horse, the distinctive features of this elegant and noble breed which has always fascinated human beings, not only enthusiasts but also the less experienced public, children and families or simply onlookers. Arabian Horse Magazine renews the rendezvous for next year 2020 in the company of other wonderful champions. Shown below, the photos taken by Azzali Alessio and Paola Petix.