Kuwait 2018


The 2018 Kuwait
International Arabian Horse Festival

The 2018 Kuwait International Arabian Horse Festival​

Under The Patronage Of H.H. Emir of Kuwait Sabah al- Ahmad al- Jaber al- Sabah|
February 2nd - 3rd, 2018

Words by: Sonja Smaldone
Photos by: Arabian Insider & Alessio Azzali

A small Emirate nestled between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait is situated in a section of one of the driest, least- hospitable deserts on earth. Its shore, however, includes Kuwait Bay, a deep harbor on the Persian Gulf. Kuwait city has most of the country’s population, which makes Kuwait one of the world’s most urbanized countries. Massive oil revenues have enabled the government to support sports generously, and the country boasts a number of stadiums capable of hosting international competitions. Kuwait’s sports culture, like that of other gulf states, combines the traditional sports of nomadic Arabian society with contemporary sports of Western origin. Traditional sports of enduring popularity include camel and horse racing. Arabian horses here are held to be among the finest in the world. The 2018 Kuwait International Arabian Horse Festival, as a whole, lasted from February 2nd -21st. It started on February 2nd-3rd with the 7th International Championship, followed by two days of Open House Stud Visits. Then on February 17-18, it continued with the All Nations Cup - Straight Egyptians and three more days of Open House Stud Visits Both shows were excellently organized by and hosted on the beautiful grounds of the Arabian Horse Center Bait Al Arab, the State Stud of Kuwait. Since 2010, Kuwait has hosted National, International and Straight Egyptian events and shows with great success. Due to the diligent level of organization, generous hospitality and thoughtful breeding programs which are producing high quality horses, Kuwait’s growing presence as an international destination for Arabian horses has received great support from all over the world. Held under the patronage of H.H. Emir of Kuwait Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah, the Kuwait International Arabian Horse Festival was attended by huge numbers of people who represented every major continent with involvement in Arabian horses, but also guests and tourists from Europe to see 238 horses of the finest purebred Arabian breed competing for various prizes and recognition. This gave the finishing touch to a really well organized and time-managed show. As many as eight judges were called to manage a competition that appeared compelling just by reading the program. The many prestigious names in the ring made us predict a fierce competition for the top places, and that is exactly what happened. Therefore, it is only fair to praise the judges who carried out their task impeccably. They were, in order: Mr. Manfred Hain (Germany); Mrs. Helen Hennekens - van Nes (Belgium); Mr. Jaroslav Lacina (Czech Republic); Mr. Christian Moschini (Italy); Mr. Richard Petty (United States); Mr. Peter Pond (Australia); Mrs. Anna Stojanowska (Poland); Mrs. Christina Valdes (Spain). They were delighted by the overall quality of the horses they witnessed during the two day event, and avowed they had enjoyed judging and working with the organizing team of the show and expressed their respect for the Arabian horse breeders and owners in Kuwait for their enthusiasm and passion. The Disciplinary Committee was composed by: Mrs. Barbara Pfistner (Switzerland); Dr. Adelwahab Amira (United Arab Emirates); Mrs. Christina Keyser (Norway) and Mrs. Irena Cieslak (Poland). In their role of Ringmaster: Mr. Peter Hegemann (Germany) and Mr. Waleed Al Haddadi (Sau-di Arabia). Results and Livestream by Mr. Michaël Steurs (Belgium). Official photographers: Mr. Abdullah Al Hatiyah, Mr. Saad Al Hebeida and Mr. Lisa Abraham. The music was played by Mr. Dante Vermote from Belgium. THE FINAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: On the Championship day, both the VIP and surrounding viewing areas were filled with guests and spectators. This elevated hospitality was appreciated by those in attendance and certainly added to the charm of the event. The Final Championships gave the following results. The Yearling Filly Gold Champion was GHALLIBA AL SHAQAB (HADIDY AL SHAQAB x SHARIFA AL SHAQAB) bred and owned by AL SHAQAB MEMBER OF QF. The Yearling Filly Silver Champion was JUDE MS (ABHA UBANGUI x JJC LOURDES) bred by MANDARA ARABIAN HORSE STUD and owned by AL KHASHAB STUD. The Yearling Filly Bronze Champion was GHAZL AL KHASHAB (SHAKAR PEGASUS x MAJEEDAH CF) bred and owned by ALKHASHAB STUD. The Yearling Colt Gold Champion was ALIYAAR AL WAWAN (FADI AL SHAQAB x PSYNECIA SPA) bred and owned by ALI MATAR AL WAWAN. The Silver was earned by TAYAMON AL SHAQAB (MARWAN AL SHAQAB x FARAH AL SHAQAB) bred and owned by AL SHAQAB MEMBER OF QF. Finally, the Bronze was earned by IBN ZAYDOUN (CADENCE PA x PLATINUM PA) bred by PEGASUS ARABIANS and owned by FALAH HUSSAIN FALAH. The Junior Filly Gold Champion was RSHEDIAH ALKHASHAB (EKS ALIHANDRO x SYMPHONY OF LOVE) bred by PSYNERGY ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENTS LLC and owned by AL KHASHAB STUD. The Silver was earned by MENWAH AL SHAQAB (WADEE AL SHAQAB x MISS EL POWER J) bred and owned by AL SHAQAB MEMBER OF QF. The Bronze went to SULTANAH AL ARJA (A JERICHO x PA PERDITA) bred by J FRANK OR SARA R CHISHOM and owned by ABDULAZIZ AL SHURAIAAN. The Junior Colt Gold Champion was RD HARENAADO (HARIRY AL SHAQAB x DM ENDLESS ROM) bred by MURRAY OR SHIRLEY POPPLEWELL and owned by BASSAM AL SAQRAN. The Silver was earned by SULTAN GK (WW STIVALLEA x AL MAGNA) bred by KESSEM BORAN and owned by AL BABTAIN STUD; while the Bronze went to D ARGHAD (FA EL RASHEEM x KRYSTAL TIARA) bred by DUBAI ARABIAN HORSE STUD and owned by KHALED AL NUGHEMSHE. The Senior Females are always a show highlight - and the quality of the competition was high. However, on Championship day, it was DONNA MOLTA BELLA SRA (DA VALENTINO x RD FABREANNA), who is bred by DAN AND MAUREEN GROSSMAN and owned by BASSAM AL SAQRAN, that became the Senior Mare Gold Champion. The Silver was earned by MALIKAT ALMOLUK (MAMELUK x ASALAT AL HALA) bred by HALAWA KHADER and owned by AL KHASHAB STUD. Finally, the Bronze went to FARAH AL SHAQAB (AL ADEED AL SHAQAB x SWF VALENCIA) bred and owned by AL SHAQAB MEMBER OF QF. The Senior Male Gold Medal was earned by FADI AL SHAQAB (BESSON CAROL x ABHA MYRA) bred by HOROLD OR DOLLY ORR MICHAEL BYATT and owned by AL SHAQAB MEMBER OF QATAR FOUNDATION. The Silver went to EXCALIBUR EA (SHANGHAI EA x ESSENCE OF MARWAN) bred by EQUUS ARABIANS and owned by BASSAM AL SAQRAN; while the Bronze was earned by SARI ALO WANAH (ALFONZO x OFW ANNICA) bred by ABDULLAH NASSER AL KHALDI and owned by ABDULLATEEF ALRUSHIDI. Following the show, a stud tour including a visit to Bait Al Arab Kuwait State Stud and to some well-known private breeders who presented their breeding programs provided another highlight and attracted many Arabian horse lovers from Kuwait, the Middle East and abroad. Visitors from the USA, Italy, France, Poland, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, the U.A.E., and Saudi Arabia attended the show, enjoyed Kuwait hospitality and watched a successful event. A success which was only made possible by the excellent cooperation of the breeders and horse owners who entered their valuable Arabians for the show, and with the generous support of H.H. the Emir of Kuwait, Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah, the Hunting & Equestrian Club’s board of Directors as well as numerous sponsors. Arabian Horse Magazine would like to express their heartfelt congratulations to everybody who supported the 2018 Kuwait International Arabian Horse Festival and contributed to make it a memorable event.