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Forlì’ 2018
Arabian Horse International C Show
Italian Show Tour

21st - 23rd September
Words by Sonja Smaldone

F rom 21st to 23rd September 2018 the city of Forlì hosted the International Horse Fair after 20 years since the last edition of the Horse Show. The Forlì Fair had the main aim of bringing the horse among young people who, thanks to this beautiful animal, can learn a new way of conceiving life combined with sport and leisure. Among the equestrian events of this year, we shall mention the one dedicated to purebred Arabian horses, the International C- show affiliated with ANICA and ECAHO which was staged in the Hall-C of Punta di Ferro Fairgrounds concurrently w i t h anot her crucial step of the ‘Italian Show Tour’ 2018. The organization of the competition bore the signature of Gianluca Martino on behalf of Arabians VIBE SRLS. Hotel Globus facilities showed their value by fully satisfying all requests by ANICA; the beautiful aperitif and welcome briefing was the visiting card and the prologue of the quality of service offerings. A jury of the highest international level was appointed to judge over 100 quality horses excellently prepared so to make a good impression in the international event. For the occasion there intervened: judge Murilo Kammer, who is also the Brazilian breeder producing the largest number of Arabian champion horses in his country from 1980 to date; judge Nasser Al-Ali Rashid (United Arab Emirates), himself, too, a breeder promoting bloodlines of the highest genealogy; judge Muktar Khalil (Baharein); judge Bohmer Paula (The Netherlands); and, to complete it, judge Rota Pierluigi (Italy). The Disciplinary Committee could count on the expertise of: Fhazeli Farang (Iran) and Dr.Vet. Teobaldelli Gian Paolo Italy). Hennekens Helen (The Netherlands) was also present in the arena as an apprentice Disciplinary Commissioner. In the role of Ring Master: Roberto Ceccaroni Italy); the Speakers were two: Blaak Erik (Belgium) and Di Giacomo Riccardo (Italy); General Secretary: Debora Martino (Italy); official photographer of the event, our friend and collaborator Azzali Alessio (Italy). Set out below the final results of these two sensational days in the company of people united by the same passion, the purebred Arabian horse. ARABIAN HORSE INTERNATIONAL C – SHOW In the Yearling Fillies Championship (Class 15) Gold medal winner AZALEA MONISCIONE (EDEN C x ADANA MONISCIONE) bred and owned by AZ.AGR BUZZI GIANCARLO. Silver medal winner LATIFA DEL PALAZZOTTO (ESPRESSIVO x ZEINA AL SAMAH) bred and owned by AZ. AGR. IL PALAZZOTTO- CAPECCI PAOLO. Bronze medal winner SA JANIRA (SA FAEZ SIMBAD x PRINCESA PIN) bred and owned by SCIPIONI ANGELO. In the Yearling Colts Championship (Class 16) Gold medal winner MG EL RASHEER (FA EL RASHEEM x GW LA PREMIERE) bred and owned by MG ARABIANS. Silver medal winner ELJE VENITIO (INIZIO x VISA DE GARGASSAN) bred and owned by JEAN-LUC BERGER & ERIC BESNARD. Bronze medal winner AJ YAS (AJ MARDAN x AL AMRYA) bred by Ajman Stud and owned by FONTANELLA MAGIC ARABIANS SRL. In the Junior Fillies Championship (Class 17) Gold medal winner SS ESENIA (KAHIL AL SHAQAB x ESCALADA) bred by ALLEVAMENTO STIGLER STUD and owned by SHEIKH ALMATRAFI SALEH MELEEB. Silver medal winner PENELOPE DS (HARIRY AL SHAQAB x LE PIROUETTE) bred by DOLCE CAVALLO LLC & SANDHU ARABIANS and owned by ABDULHAMEED MOHAMMED AMEZ. Bronze medal winner MADONNA J (EMERALD J x MAGNIFICIENT LADY J) bred by JA-DEM ARABIANS and owned by Patricia Maffre and Veronique Chabbert. In the Junior Colts Championship (Class 18) Gold medal winner MONTE CORE (AJ MARDAN x MAHALYA EL JAMAL) bred by MATTENS J & SPOENLE and owned by FONTANELLA MAGIC ARABIANS SRL. Silver medal winner PICCADILLY (AJMAN MONISCIONE x SHAKIRA BY KIR) bred by SPARAPAN AMADIO and owned by SCALVINI MARIA ANGIOLA. Bronze medal winner and higher score in Class AURELIUS (SHANGAI EA x ZB LAMANTE) bred and owned by AZ. AGR. IL PALAZZOTTO - CAPECCI PAOLO. In the Senior Mares Championship (Class 19) Gold medal winner AD STELLA BGP (HADIDI x CARINA DEI MORI) bred and owned by DIONISI ANTONIO AZ. AGR. Silver medal winner SAWHA EL DINE (AL WHAID EL DINE x SABIHAIR) bred by Angelo Teobaldelli and owned by EMAD ABDULLAH AMA AL KANDARI. Bronze medal winner MARLANA SWF (SELKET MARQUE x MAGNA PSYCHE) bred by SCOTT BAILEY & CAINS DAVID and owned by MANZONI ELENA. In the Senior Stallions Championship (Class 20) Gold medal winner PARONOS KA (ESPRESSIVO x PHIROUETTES) bred by KNOCKE ARABIANS and owned by MARINA ALBANESE. Silver medal winner AL ANEED LDA (ALIXIR x ILLA MAGIDAA LDA) bred by LD ARABIANS and owned by FONTANELLA MAGIC ARABIANS. Bronze medal winner ENGULO EEA (SHANGHAI EA x ENJORA E) bred by ENZO LTD and owned by FONTANELLA MAGIC ARABIANS SRL.
In the Yearling Fillies Category (Class 21), Gold medal winner ARIA BM (AJMAN MONISCIONE x NAJIA EL MUT) bred by PACE IVANA AZ. AGRICOLA and owned by CUSIMANO CARMELINA. Silver medal winner BLUEMOON BY CZEKURA (SA FAEZ SIMBAD x CZEKURA) bred and owned by PACE IVANA AZ. AGRICOLA. Bronze medal winner PENELOPE DEL FALCO (AMG DALII x IDEL BY MIAL) bred and owned by AZIENDA NARDINI MARCO.
In the Junior Fillies Category, (Class 23) Gold medal winner SHAKIRA BY AISHA (CAVALLI x AISHA PA) bred and owned by PAOLONI PIERO. Silver medal winner NADIRA DEL FALCO (AMG DALII x ZARA BY MIAL) bred and owned by NARDINI MARCO. Bronze medal winner AMIREL BY AMIR (EKS AMIR x ELEM) bred by BEDNARSKA EWA AGNIESZKA and owned by CATTANEO MARINO. In the Junior Colts Category, (Class 24) Gold medal winner SA FALCO (SA FAEZ SIMBAD x SA MORGANA) bred and owned by SCIPIONI ANGELO. Silver medal winner MAGIC CORASON (MAGIC MON AMI x CC MAGIC CONTESSA) bred and owned by FONTANELLA MAGIC ARABIANS SRL. Bronze medal winner PRYAM DI MAR (PSYRASIC x PENELOPE DI MAR) bred and owned by SOC. AGR. TRE STELLE S.A.S. di Cristina C.
In the Senior Mares Category, (Class 25) Gold medal winner ZAFIRA ATG (MAGIQUE MAGNIFIQUE x ZENIMA REDY) bred and owned by ALESSANDRO GIORGINI. Silver medal winner CASSANDRA LC (WH JUSTICE x CRETA MONISCIONE) bred and owned by SOC. AGR. LA CAMPAGNOLA MOTTA. In the Senior Stallions Category, (Class 26) Gold medal winner SA MADISON (WH JUSTICE x SA MINERVA) bred and owned by SCIPIONI ANGELO. Silver medal winner PHAVEZ BY IMPERIA (MAHRABI PA x AP IMPERIA) bred by LO VOTRICO MARIO and owned by ADELFIO CATERINA. Bronze medal winner AMG DALII (WH JUSTICE x ABHA LA LUNA) bred by RADICCHI MORENO and owned by AZIENDA NARDINI MARCO
The program of events in the Forlì International Horse Fair was very rich in contents and catchy indeed. As an event inside of the event, the show ‘Angels and Demons’ placed itself at the heart of the ‘Grand Gala’ scheduled on Saturday night from nine to midnight. An entire District open for moments of intense emotion given by almost thirty equestrian artists under the direction of Omar Selvi. In the ring set up in Hall C, the performance of famous South African violinist Catilin De Ville, electric violin virtuoso, literally sent the public audience into raptures. The artist has already performed in 28 foreign countries in concerts and performances with a very wide repertoire, ranging from rock to pop music. Also present at the Gala was British actress Susan George, who is also known to be a breeder of high genealogy Arabian horses and award-winning international champions. Among the most anticipated guests of this marvellous exhibition was Sheikh Saleh Muneea Al Matrafi, owner of the champion filly SS Esenia, who flew to Forlì from Saudi Arabia. What left everyone in suspense was the entrance in the ring of Royal Colors (True Colors × Xtreme Wonder), top stallion producer at Dubai’s Arabian Horse Stud. With him, present at the show, Mr. Abduleziz Marzooqi Stud Manager of Dubai Stud who arrived directly from Dubai; Paolo Capecci and Woody Gubbiotti who have always followed this beautiful specimen anywhere he goes. The audience at the ‘Forlì International Horse Fair’ also found on display very particular highlights, maybe not directly linked with the world of horses and horsemanship, but always associated to the emotion they can generate in the human being: some extraordinary Harley Davidson motorcycle models, still not in the marketplace, arrived in Forlì directly from the United States. And then American vintage cars and other “cult” objects and items that occupied the wide premises of the Punta di Ferro Fairgrounds. The new Fair in Forlì started with an ambition of renewing the success and satisfactions for the public once belonging to the historic ‘Horse Show’ that used to hold court in Romagna about twenty years ago. Therefore, the most heartfelt thank you go to Mr. Paolo Cicognani, Manager of the entire Horse Fair who, after years and years of absence from the circuit, has been able to give fresh impetus to a historic fair for the Mercurial city, showing great enthusiasm and passion for the horse. Special thanks also go to the many sponsors that made this great event come true. Last but not least, the success of the International C show affiliated ANICA and ECAHO, and organized by Gianluca Martino and his staff, confirmed an operating model worth replicating also at upcoming events.