Enthusiasm and passion of Giuseppe Palumbo


In Aretusa Arabians it is possible to perceive Giuseppe Palumbo enthusiasm and intense passion for the Arab Horse breed and over the years he has concretely demonstrated to maintain a positive and influential presence in the community, both nationally and internationally. About two decades have passed since the Palumbo family founded their breeding farm near Syracuse in beautiful Sicily, fragrant with citrus and olive groves. Their breeding principle is to produce Arab horses of exceptional quality, while always remaining in search of innovation. Obviously, Giuseppe Palumbo has developed, over time, an extraordinary connoisseur’s eye. He has persevered and has masterfully managed to incorporate and implement the ever-changing trends of the Arab Horse community. The last few years have been marked by great satisfaction and excitement for the Aretusa Team, which has enjoyed considerable success in shows in Europe and other continents. In the Centre there are horses of ancient and precious bloodlines and this has always allowed the breeding to distinguish itself in the firmament of the most esteemed breedings of the international Arab horse community. An important turning point for Arethusa Arabians was the recent union with handlers Luca Oberti, Frank Sponle and Paolo Capecci. Working with great seriousness and professionalism, they have achieved excellent results with many victories, winning three Italian national titles and many other international titles throughout Europe.



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