Aachen 2018


All National cup 2018

All National cup 2018

36th All Nation Cup
Albert Halle - Aachen - Germany
27th - 30th September 2018

Words by: Sonja Smaldone
Keeper of records:Guillaume de Clèry
Rictures by : Alessio Azzali

The pr inciple of an event bringing together breeders from several nations germinated in 1980 but the real genesis of the Nations Cup occurred in Ascot in 1983 thanks to a Committee composed of eminent figures of the time such as: Birgitta Foch / Sweden - Guy de Fontaines / France - Pesi Gazder / Great Britain - Anette Hedley / Great Britain - Claes Lewenhaupt / Sweden - Jose Antonio Munos-Rojas / Spain - Michael Pitt-Rivers / Great Britain - William Richardot de Choisey / France - Dorothy Stream / USA. The main objective was to ensure the breeders a major international visibility in support of the World Championship of Paris created in 1980, using the new criteria of judgments - at once individual- and, in addition to this, a classification by nation, for the record, this competition was first organized alternatively in England, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland as a follow-up to a traditional international competition held in Aachen every year. Since 1987 this competition has been permanently established in Germany with the VZAP contest which is especially interested in it. Since that date, from year to year, the event has been organized in enclosed spaces for events that can be defined as breeding contests, or held outdoor for various ridden classes. The organizers have been able to refresh the old setting, though an unpleasant commercial trend has been developing after the recent establishment of a promotional action named Arabian Futurity Europe that it is offered to young foals and yearlings produced by the best parents. Like the Disciplinary Commission, the 2018 panel of Judges is once again bloated; the implemented technique via Wi-Fi boards allows to follow judges’ notes simultaneously, thus saving time for the sequence of the classes of selection carefully monitored by a creditable number of attendants who know in advance that the participation of the horses will be one of quality. In two decades characterized by an undeniable aggressive commercial policy, the Aachen show has become the largest gathering in Europe with a huge international parterre reserved for purebred Arabian horses; the great thing about it, it is the fact that stables are open to visitors thereby allowing a direct relationship with potential clients, the atmosphere is excessively professional which is not at all to be condemned if we consider the period of disillusionment that the industry is experiencing these days. For its part, the Paris World Championship keeps proposing a heavy and ambitious program accompanied by a very expensive decorum, nothing has been questioned and updated for years, so it has remained a beautiful year-end showcase at a time when the status of competition is virtually non-existent, however, it still is an equestrian show of the highest quality attended by beautiful horses which have previously participated in the Aachen show. The show-ground décor looks very much improved and more welcoming than ever before, the huge banners of the participant parts brighten up the place where an astonishing children’s choir sing The Beautiful World message in which we should believe now, more than ever if we want to maintain international quality events. The latter will have to conform to Aachen, the most important center of the industry to date.
1984 Plakat, 1970 by Aswan & Pchelka – breeder Tersk Stud, Russia
1985 Dakalieh, 1983 by Abab & Freila – breeder Yeguada Domecq Ybarra, Spain
1987 Shogun, 1985 by Golden Samurai & Fawzeia – breeder Brian Blake, United Kingdom
1990 Nadir I, 1987 by Neman & Neschi – breeder Gestut Gut Alemich, Germany
1993 Aldara, 1983 by Probat & Arra – breeder Janow Podlaski, Poland
1994 Medalj, 1989 by Menes & Sadza – breeder Aspenas Sateri, Sweden
1997 Piketa, 1997 by Probat & Platyna – breeder Michalow Stud, Poland
1999 Kwstura, 1995 by Monogramm & Kwesta – owner Michalow Stud, Poland
2000 The Princess Of Egypt, 1997 by Orayan & Shahneekha – breeder Horst Preuss, Germany
2001 Escape Ibn Navarrone D, 1999 by As Sinans Pacha & Navarrone P – breeder D. Arabians, Belgium
2003 Khidar, 2003 by Ansata Sinan & Elizja – breeder Verrijdt, Belgium
2004 Pianissima, 2003 by Gazal Al Shaqab & Pianosa – breeder Janow Podlaski, Poland
2005 Me Shadow El Sher, 2002 by El Sher Mona & Cal Yenna El Jamaal – breeder Mystik Arabians, Italy
2009 Abha Qatar, 2007 by Marwan Al Shaqab & ZT Ludjkalba – breeder Ses Planes, Spain
2010 FT Shaella, 2007 by Shael Dream Desert & Soul Pretty – breeder Torres, Italy
2011 Shanghai EA, 2006 by WH Justice & Salymah – breeder Equus Arabians, Spain
2013 Antaris, 2012 by RFI Farid & Justina – breeder Gestut Osterhof, Germany
2016 Tehama Ballalina, 2002 by Tehama & JJ Shai Majestic Dream – breeder Ferguson, R.s.a
2017 Excalibur, 2011 by Shanghai EA & Essence Of Marwan -breeder Equus Arabians, Spain