Prague Intercup 2019


Al Khalediah 2019

Al Khalediah 2019
International Arabian Horse Festival

Under the Patronage of: His Royal Highness
Prince Khaled Bin Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud
Al Khalediah Farm - Tebrack Riyadh Saudi Arabia
23rd Janury 26th

This Festival is a celebration of the Arabian Horse and has been put into operation to uphold and develop the equestrian disciplines in which this extraordinary animal competes. This quality and horse lover ‘paradise’ is held under the patronage of His Royal Highness, Prince Khaled Bin Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud. When you speak about Prince Sultan, you speak about a once-in-a-lifetime horseman. He is a strong and truly special man. He is a myth. He is indeed the real Arabian myth. He is not only Sultan Alkahir (Sultan of Charity). Prince Khaled is also an unparalleled political leader, Sultan of generosity for the entire humankind and his beloved nation. His stud farm is one of the best equipped in the whole of the Gulf area. Stretching over more than 400 hectares, Al Khalediah Stables (AKS), have a fully equipped internal equine clinic in which the experienced and well trained staff has obtained a considerable number of medical successes, ranging from reproduction to embryo management methods. This state-of-the-art hospital with highly specialized staff is also available to breeders. Prince Khaled’s boundless passion for the Arabian horse, which has ‘contaminated’ the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, led to the organization of the Festival also this year, and it opened its doors in January 2019 in the headquarters of His Highness’s farms in Tebrak city, west of Riyadh. The Festival man a g e d to capture the interest of all the experts and specialists of the breeding industry who all gathered to witness a very well-organized show with a significant attendance of spectators. A lofty number of guests from all over the world flocked there thanks to the kind-heartedness of Prince Khaled who spared no expenses in making this competition etched in everybody’s mind and very successful. The response from breeders was really good, including many horsewomen who had to make some minor outfit changes but, most of them, apArabia is beyond doubt a magic land that is worth discovering. Shuttle buses were available to guests for the transfers. During these journeys they could admire some exclusive landscapes and the desert in its entire splendor, with lights that, depending on the time of the day and unlike any other place in the world, constantly changed colors and created a surreal atmosphere. The Board of Directors consisted of: HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, Chairman; HRH Prince Faisal bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz; HH Prince Turki bin Khaled Bin Faisal; HH Prince Mohammed bin Faisal Bin Abdallah; HRH Prince Faisal bin Khaled bin Sultan; HRH Prince Khaled bin Bandar bin Sultan; HRH Prince Naif bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz; HRH Prince Ahmad bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz; HRH Prince Mansour bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz and HRH Prince Fahad bin Khaled bin Sultan-General Supervisor. There were eight judges: Mr. Tommy Husebye (Norway); Mrs. Cristina Valdes (Spain); Mrs. Claudia Darius (Germany); Mr. Ahmed Hamza (Egypt); Mr. Manfred Neubacher (Austria); Mr. Sufian Taha Al Husseini (Palestinian Territories); Mr. Pierluiga Rota (Italy) and Mr. Tamas Rombauer (Hungary). The Disciplinary Committee was composed by: Dr. Malak Benamar (Morocco); Dr. Niels Ismer (Germany); Dr. Gianpaolo Teobaldelli (Italy); Mr. Turki Mohammed AlMuqbel (Saudi Arabia) and Dr. Bassem Badr (Saudi Arabia). The role of Ring master was given to the entertaining Mr. Philip Jenkins (UK) and his assistant Mr. Waleed Al Haddadi (Saudi Arabia). International speaker: Mrs. Nabila Al Ali (Kuwait); Livestream and results by Mr. Michaël Steurs (Belgium). Official Photographers: Mr. Mohammed Abou Haimed and Mr. Bilal Al Jakhlab. For AHM pictures were taken by Mr. Gianluca Martino and Mr. Antonio De Martino. The show schedule for Wednesday, January 23rd featured yearling to three-year-old fillies and colts. Friday’s schedule included mares and stallion four to 10-years and over, as well as exciting specialty classes exclusively for Desert Bred Fillies, Colts, Mares and Stallions. Saturday, January 26th hosted the Championship classes. From the Royal gallery and the guest stands, the view was just lovely. In the Yearling Fillies category, the victory and the title of Gold Champion medal was awarded to ADWAA AL ARAB (EMERALD J x HK JOJO RLC) bred by and owned by Ali Bin Mohammed Bin Ali Al Ali-Al Arab Stud. Silver medal for DAREEN ALSAYED (ALEXXANDERR x DASHA ARABCO) bred and owned by Khalid Bin Saeed Bin Abdullah Al Sayed – Al Sayed Stud. Bronze medal for RAKHA ATHBAH (EKS ALIHANDRO x MO’JEZA ATHBAH) bred by Athba Stud and owned by Athbah Stud/H.R.H.P. Abdulaziz Bin Ahmed Bin Abd. In the Yearling Colts category, the victory and the title of Gold champion was assigned to DOSAR ALSAYED (VALIDORO x DELIGHT’S DIVAH RB) bred and owned by Khalid Bin Saeed Bin Abdullah Al Sayed - Al Sayed Stud. Silver medal for SHAHEEN AM (EDEN C x ABHA PALMA) bred and owned by Al Mohamadia Stud/HH Prince Abdullah Bin Abdullah Bin Fahad Bin Abdullah Al Saud. Bronze medal for NEBRAS AL HAMAD (FADI AL SHAQAB x ALNOOR AL HAMAD) bred and owned by H.E. Sheikh Hamad Khaled Al Sabah - Al Hamad Stud. The title of Champion Junior Filly was awarded to RSHEDIAH A L K H A - S H A B ( E K S ALIHANDRO x SYMPHONY OF LOVE) bred by Psynergy Enterprise Developments LLC and owned by Mubarak Hamdan Alkhashab – Al Khashab Stud. Silver medal for HAIFA ED (KAHIL AL SHAQAB x PRESTIC) bred by Nasser Bin Abdul Lateef Al Fowzaan and owned by Abdul Aziz Bin Ibrahim Bin Abdulaziz Al Bargash. Bronze medal for LR ERA DE EXCALIBUR (EXCALIBUR EA x EXPECTED BEAUTY) bred by Las Rosas Estancia S.r.l. and owned by Khalid Bin Saeed Bin Abdullah Al Sayed – Al Sayed Stud. The Champion Junior Colt title went to MAHER AL SAYED (ALEXXANDERR x MERA ALSAYED) bred and owned by Khalid Bin Saeed Bin Abdullah Al Sayed – Al Sayed Stud. Silver medal winner SULTAN ALENAYA (EMERALD J x AMMONA) bred and owned by Tarig Bin Mohammed – Enaya Stud. Bronze medal winner RANEY AL KHALED (KAHIL AL SHAQAB x WA MAGNA ROUGE) bred and owned Khaled Ahmed Baagdoo - Al Khaled Farm. The fabulous DELIGHT’S DIVAH RB (AJMAN MONISCIONE x HONEY’S DELIGHT RB) won the title of Champion Senior Mare. She is bred by Adrian Espindola B De Moura and owned by Khalid Bin Saeed Bin Abdullah Al Sayed – Al Sayed Stud. Silver medal winner VENICE MI (ALLEGIANCE MI x VALENTINE MI) bred by Greg, Julie & Jane Farell and owned by Saleh Manea Al Matraf. Bronze medal winner TAHANI AL KHALED (MCA MAGNUM GOLD x LC TORNITA) bred and owned by Khaled Ahmed Baagdoo - Al Khaled Farm. Gold Champion Senior Stallion was ALEXXANDERR (EXCALIBUR EA x AR MOST IRRESISTIBLE) bred by Frances Butler and Brandi Carson and owned by Khalid Bin Saeed Bin Abdullah Al Sayed - Al Sayed. Silver medal winner ASCOT DD (GLORIUS APAL x LADY MINA DD) bred by Dejonckheere D and owned by Athbah Stud/H.R.H.P. Abdulaziz Bin Ahmed Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. B r o n z e me d a l w i n - n e r E D E N C (ENZO x SILKEN SABLE) bred by Rhonda L and Rhoda Coleal and owned by Khalid Bin Saeed Bin Abdullah Al Sayed - Al Sayed. Prince Sultan Arabian Horse Festival definitely lived up to the expectations and was truly beyond belief. We would like to congratulate and praise the Organization, Makshaff Services Ltd. led by the event manager Mr. Salah Al Ali who worked hard on this majestic event. The Saudi TV made a live broadcast of the show, which was attention-grabbing right until the end of the Final Championship. Also this year the show could be seen live via the Web and journalists could do very good thanks to a fully operational modern media center. The Festival was a true gala for Arabian horse enthusiasts – an international event on a grand scale. Arabian Horse Magazine highly recommends not missing its next edition in year 2020 again in the genuine homeland of the Arabian horse.